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Fuel poverty awareness

Do you know what to do if a resident is struggling to keep warm at home or pay their fuel bills? Did you know that living in a cold home can exacerbate health conditions such as respiratory or cardiovascular disease?

Government statistics estimate that around 10% of Camden households were in fuel poverty in 2013. Households particularly at risk are those with low income living in old properties, especially families with young children, older residents or living in private rented accommodation.

This training module will help you understand the causes and effects of fuel poverty, how to spot the signs and where/ how you can refer residents to our related support services and should take no more than 15 minutes.

To accompany the training, we have a resource library which includes links to our services and a range of downloadable advice sheets to provide to residents. This is available at: 
To access the training video please login to TDSLearn and select the Camden Mandatory and Corporate button at the bottom of the page.  You can easily create a new account if you haven't used this site before.