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ILM Level 4 certificate in Leadership and Management

Pre Course information
Who is this qualification for?
The Level 4 Certificate in Leadership and Management is designed for new and aspiring middle managers. This qualification helps learners to really get to grips with their role, gain comprehensive business knowledge, and develop the technical skills they need to lead effectively at this level.

Benefits for individuals
This is a course that will help you become a more confident manager and leader within your respective organisation to help you deal with the onset of change within the public sector • This Level 4 course requires a high level of work in terms of completing 3 assignments. We know from past programmes this is where some participants may have difficulties for a range of reasons.

Experience from previous courses suggests that making time in the sessions for reviewing progress on assignments has a significant impact on participant’s ability to complete.
The learning process includes tutor facilitated sessions, reading and 3 assignments

ILM Level 4 entry requirements
   • Being a manager is the primary role. This includes managing staff, projects, partnerships or strategies as well as other types of manager
   • Clearly differentiated from those managed
   • May manage team leaders / first line managers
   • Accountable for performance of all direct reports
   • Responsible for performance management
   • Responsible for development of and competence of staff
   • Responsible and accountable for managing budget
   • Actively involved in planning for a year ahead
   • Negotiate with external organisations
   • Responsible for resources
   • Authority to decide on selection of staff
   • Freedom to make decisions about how work is done and change systems
   • Accountable for resolving operational difficulties
   • Motivated to develop own management performance

Course content
The course takes place over 7 days and covers the following topics:

   • Understanding the management role to improve management performance
   • Becoming an effective leader
   • Motivating people in the worksplace
   • Developing a culture to support innovation and improvement

Please see the attached documents for more details about specific learning objectives and outcomes.