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ILM 5 coaching and mentoring

Pre-course information

Who is this qualification for?

Ultimately, your effectiveness in your role is determined by your ability to communicate successfully. Developing great conversations has limitless benefits enabling you to respectfully shift clients and colleagues into a more resourceful performance state. The most effective way forward is to adopt an appropriate coaching/mentoring approach. This ILM Level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring (accredited) offers a common, positive language whereby others are supported to:

• Utilise their existing resources to develop their own solutions;
• Develop hope and resilience to overcome adversity;
• Create credible yet inspirational goals;
• Engage with possibility and focus forward; build confidence and motivation to take actions that benefit them;
• Secure independence rather than dependency.

Participant entry criteria
ILM level 5 coaching and mentoring entry requirements
Only apply for this programme if you:

• Have a curious, inquiring and positive mind set;
• Are prepared to challenge limitations and give empowering feedback;
• Enjoy positive interaction and believe strongly in human potential.

Benefits for individuals

• Enhance your skills;
• Instantly put people at their ease and quickly build rapport;
• Massively increase your ability to connect with whoever you are speaking to;
• Naturally employ a solution focused approach to your work;
• Build capacity within teams to support positive outcomes;
• Uncover resources and qualities that empower and motivate;
• Comfortably apply a common language to amplify cohesion and collaboration.

The programme:
The only effective way to learn coaching is to do it and then keep doing it more. In this programme all the required skills are frequently practiced and regular feedback is given. The programme is taught over four days arranged as two pairs. The gap between the two sessions is to give time to practise the skills and contribute those experiences to the second phase. Coaches will be supported to develop individual action plans in order to impact immediately within their own role.