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Careers Opportunities - Aspirations and Future Planning

Camden’s mix of businesses, especially in the science, technology, engineering, arts and maths sectors (STEAM) is world class in its range and quality.

Camden Learning is creating a service to further strengthen the relationships between STEAM sector employers, institutions and schools so that all our young people have access to opportunities that will prepare them for the world of work.

Our new Brokerage Manager will spend time visiting primary, secondary and special schools across the borough to offer support and advice in developing sustainable connections with employers, showing you how to achieve maximum benefit from: inspirational activities and speakers; work experience and mentoring opportunities.

We know that when planned effectively these connections help increase student motivation and attainment, encouraging young people to consider wider career choices and progression routes.

New opportunities and activities will be highlighted throughout the academic year. In the meantime do get in touch for an informal chat about an activity or project that you want to develop with business.

Lorraine Lawson ( - Camden Brokerage Manager, Camden Learning