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Personal assistants

What is a Personal Assistant (PA) in health or social care? 

A Personal Assistant (sometimes called a PA or a carer) is employed by people who need social care, either because of their age or disability, to enable them to live as independently as possible. Personal Assistants (PAs) carry out a wide range of tasks as required by the employer so that they have greater independence and the ability to live their life more fully. 
To receive access to subsidised training as a Camden PA you must be referred to the TDS by one of the following three contacts:

• CamdenPAs - Kumar Grant
• Personalised Support in Camden - Pat Stack
• Age UK Camden - Gabriela Garbutt
It is recommended that you put yourself on to the CamdenPA register
On receipt of the referral, TDS will set up your TDSOnline account.

TDS have a defined PA training offer consisting of both classroom based courses and e-learning, all of which is available to you as a Camden PA free of charge at the point of access. Non-attendance penalties will apply and subject to TDS Terms & Conditions.

If you are unable to attend training for any reason, you must cancel your booking online or by emailing the TDS service. If you do not cancel your booking before the start of the course you will be charged a delegate non-attendance fee as follows:
• Whole day training - £125
• Half day or twilight training - £62.50
• Briefing - £45

All classroom based courses can be booked via the website TDSOnline.
All Camden PAs are able to access the e-learning training offer free of charge by creating an account via the link TDSLearn.

As a Camden PA you will also have access to the wider TDS training programmes where these courses are applicable; these courses carry a course fee. You will need to confirm funding arrangements in writing before your place is authorised.
Skills for Care
This information hub will give you advice and support as a Camden PA.