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Membership categories

The Training and Development Service (TDS) operates a number of distinct membership categories linked to funding streams and strategic policy. The fees for a specific course are indicated against the course outline on TDSOnline.

TDS member

All courses are fully or significantly funded for:

• All London Borough of Camden (LBC) departments.

• Organisations which hold a TDS Partnership Agreement detailing membership status.

Camden Learning

Professional learning blocks are used to pay for training courses for schools who are members of Camden Learning.

For further information regarding school training packages, please email

Camden Learning governor package member

A selection of governor specific training is either fully or part funded for schools in Camden Learning who have bought the governor package.

TDS network member

TDS part or fully fund a selection of courses for network members in order to support workforce development initiatives, promote inter-agency professional networking, and support the development of diversity, quality and capacity in the provision available to users, as outlined in the Camden Plan, Care Act 2014, and Children and Families Acts 2014.

TDS network members are those organisations/departments that provide public services to Camden residents or support those who work with Camden residents. These may be:
• Voluntary, community, and independent organisations (or relevant departments within these organisations)
• Camden Clinical Commissioning Group and GP surgeries
• Relevant departments in NHS Foundation Trusts

TDS care affiliate

TDS fully fund a selection of courses to support the skills development of Personal Care Assistants. Self-employed Personal Care Assistants, funded via a Direct Payment or directly by the individual receiving care, and who are listed on Camden’s PA register may have access to the comprehensive e-learning offer free of charge. 
If Care Affiliates would like to book a place on a non-subsidised face-to-face classroom courses, payment will be requested upon booking. Please note that if you are unable to attend the training, the booking fee will not be refunded. Please contact for assistance with completing your booking and payment. 
Access to TDS training does not establish employment rights.
TDS non-member

All organisations not covered by the above categories and schools which are not members of the Camden Learning are non-members and will be charged market rates for training attendance.
If TDS non-members would like to book a place on a face-to-face classroom course, payment will be requested upon booking. Please note that if you are unable to attend the training, the booking fee will not be refunded. Please contact for assistance with completing your booking and payment.

Charging exceptions

There are areas of training where the above charging categories do not apply. The courses in these categories are listed as zero-cost courses on TDSOnline.

Child protection training is available through the Camden Safeguarding Children Board

All services and organisations may book their volunteers onto training on the condition that a staff member is listed as the volunteer's CPD leader. The service or organisation they volunteer at will be charged for their volunteer’s attendance, or penalised for non-attendance, in line with the organisation’s membership category.

Private individuals and service users

It is not TDS remit to provide training to service users or the general public. Please visit the adult and community learning pages on Camden’s website ( for details of training available to the public.