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ILM 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring (accredited)

Learning and Development Centre, 2nd, FloorCrowndale Centre, 218-220 Eversholt Street
Event Tutors
Andy Vass
Admin Contact
Course Admin (
Contact Person
Cristian Nicolae (
Target Audience
All Staff (Camden, Schools, Voluntary, Charity, Community, Private, Independent)
Event Types
Accredited training
Event Category
Multi-agency training - Leadership and management, Multi-agency training - Coaching and action learning 
Who is this event for

Coaching is widely recognised as an essential skill set for anyone with responsibility for performance and development. To be an effective coaching leader requires not just a set of skills but also a growth mindset and naturally solution focused attitude.

This programme equips and supports you to take your influence and positive impact to the next level. It will give you the opportunity to massively enhance your communication skills; build capacity and confidence in others and support colleagues and clients to be the best they can be.


What does this event cover

Course content

·        Top level skills of coaching and mentoring;

·        The psychology of change;

·        Soft skills of influence and connection;

·        How to uncover strengths and resources to build performance;

·        Working effectively with resistance and negativity;

·        Setting credible and inspiring goals.

Learning outcomes

·        Apply a naturally solution focused attitude to challenges and growth;

·        Create capacity in others;

·        Improve the quality of dialogue and relationships;

·        Compose credible and motivating outcomes withothers;

·        Improve personal responsibility and initiative inteams.

Learning outcomes

·        Demonstrate conversational influence;

·        Support enhanced performance outcomes;

·        Generate greater buy in for change;

·        Identify more effective approaches to challenge and uncertainty.

Updated May 2017

Please note

All delegates must pay their booking fee in advance when booking on an ILM course.

Please note the minimum cancellation period for all ILM courses is one calendar month. If you cancel one calendar month or more before the course, TDS will refund your booking fee in full.

If you cancel less than one month before the course, TDS will retain 100% of your booking fee.

Learners must attend all training dates in order to meet the  requirements of the accreditation ' this is the learner's  responsibility. If a delegate is unable to attend one or more of the  dates they will need to arrange one-to-one catch up session/s. The  delegate's service need to bear the cost of this additional learning  time, which may be up to £200 per session. Qualification profile: This
qualification is externally assessed. Delegates are required to complete 30 hours directed learning comprising: 4 taught sessions, review of a  coaching DVD, written assignment, brief refl ection on a coaching book,  and 12 hours coaching practice logged in a reflective diary.




Camden Learning cost
7 blocks
Non-attendance fee
7 blocks
Camden Learning Governor Package cost
7 blocks
Non-attendance fee
7 blocks
TDS Partner cost
Non-attendance fee
TDS Associate cost
Non-attendance fee
TDS Network Member cost
Non-attendance fee
TDS Care Affiliate cost
Non-attendance fee
TDS Non-Member cost
Non-attendance fee
Start Date
Monday 3 July 2017
End Date
Friday 8 September 2017
Closing Date
Monday 3 July 2017
09:30 - 16:30
Maximum Places