Best Interest Assessors: Report writing

Learning and Development Centre, 2nd, FloorCrowndale Centre, 218-220 Eversholt Street
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Sam Hanson
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Adult Social Care
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Specialist training - Best interest assessors 
Who is this event for

Qualified Best Interests Assessors

What does this event cover

Content to be covered

What is a BIA assessment and implications to the deprivation of liberty safeguards.

How to create and complete a robust and professional BIA report.

Explore the range of skills and knowledge needed in completing a BIA.

Illustrate the range of evidence required in presenting DoLs assessments.

The use of relevant DoLs legislation for the completion of BIA.

 Learning objectives

 By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

Identify specific DoLS legislation that is needed for a robust and professional BIA.

Demonstrate the range of knowledge and skills required when completing a BIA.

Describe and evaluate the need to provide appropriate 'evidence' in DoLs assessments.

Compare and contrast the range of professional BIA.

Learning outcomes

Plan, create and present a professional and robust BIA using DoLs legislation.

Demonstrate confidence in using evidence in DoLs assessments.

Appraise the knowledge and skills required in completing BIA assessments.

Describe and explain the range of information that is presented in a DoLs assessments.




Please note

Best interest Assessor (BIA) and Mental Health Assessor (MHA) training courses are fully subsidised for Camden and Islington BIA/MHAs. All others will be charged the indicated course fee.

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Start Date
Tuesday 5 March 2019
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Tuesday 5 March 2019
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Tuesday 5 March 2019
09:30 - 12:30
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